Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Week of Trail Walks

From Monday, 23 Aug - Saturday, 28 Aug, I have completed 23 miles of trails with the majority being along the coast. Yes it is flat, but walking in the sand is tough. There was one trail through a marsh and the mosquito's were enough to drive you mad. At one point I passed an old WWII bunker in the middle of the marsh. It gave me a deep appreciation for the conditions the men had to endure.

Today a group of us did 6 miles and tonight my body is screaming for rest. The 6 miles today was considered a moderate trail. This picture was our destination. I was hoping for a little more of a "fall" but what can you expect for border-line piedmont leaning to coastal plain area. Lots of down's followed by twice as many up's to get there and back with the last 1/2 mile all up hill. Some in the group wanted to stop and rest but I knew if I stopped, getting going again was going to be harder than keep pushing. After my shower tonight, today reinforced what seems to be a perpetual case of red bugs. Regardless of what I try to ward them off, I never to get some. Fun Stuff!

I had a fairly good week for photo's. I believe however, I need to take a really good class. Still in the learning phase and I am sure will always be. There are just things I need to learn to reduce my frustration on those missed and/or poor shots that are one timers. Having a little frustration with the camera and will have to try and figure out what is going on.

Best photo of the week is probably a shot of an immature Yellow-crown Night Heron. Very accomodating. The adult flew off a little way but the young one stayed close. This photo was taken on the Basin Trail through the marsh.

I definitely plan to go back to this trail during the late fall when the bugs will not be so bad. Talking with the park ranger, a large amount of waterfowl winter over in the area. Something to look forward to.

During my visit to Carolina Beach State Park, I could not believe one section. In a small area I counted 5 Pileated Woodpeckers. I have an occasional one here at home but have never been able to get close for a really good shot. Pretty happy with this one for being in fairly deep shade.

The Morning Glory flowers were at Ft. Fisher. Nothing special I just thought they were pretty.

One of my favorites... the Brown Pelican. I don't know why I have always liked them. They seem to project a very laid back, mellow sort of attitude. I know, they are just being a bird and it is me projecting more on to them than what really exists.

One evening I went out late as the sun was setting. I have always liked the wind blown trees. With the trees in silhouette, it reminds me of an African sunset scene.

A pair of Golden Silk Orbweavers. Wicked looking but harmless unless you are an insect. Look at the face on the big one. Reminds me of something but not sure what. Maybe a sheep dog or a skull. Butterfly is a Gulf Fritillary

Well, that is it for now. My eyes are stinging and my body is telling me it is time to rest.