Monday, November 2, 2015

Mei and Bei Bei at the National Zoo

Well it has been a very busy spring, summer and fall trying to complete house and yard projects.  I think I am finally about to wrap things up less one final room to paint.  I have really missed going out but wanted to focus some much needed attention to house and yard projects.  I will look forward to spring now to see which of the yard projects have been successful.

I am definitely looking forward to the incoming waterfowl this winter.  The fall migration was just kicking in good with lots of birds starting to come through when the two weeks of unending rain hit.  That pretty much doomed the remaining fall migration.

I definitely have not been spending much time on the computer except for checking email and a quick check in on Mei and her cub Bei Bei.  The link to the panda cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo is here.    The cub is really growing and over the last week has shown quite a bit of effort on getting it's back legs working.

Mei, the adult female panda appears to be a really good mom.  I really enjoy watching her when she sits back and using her two front legs like arms, holds the cub for feeding or grooming.  This photo is a screen grab from this morning.  Makes you say awe!  I am looking forward to when she finally brings the cub out.  I haven't been to the National Zoo since I was a child so this will be a good reason to go again.