Monday, March 30, 2015

Bluebirds vs Chickadees

I have spent most of the month working hard in the yard (weather permitting).  I had several projects such as tearing down an old part of the deck and clearing ivy and wisteria that I definitely wanted to get accomplished before the temperatures began to rise and snakes came out.

I have been working hard on some much needed landscaping projects also.  Some areas I wanted to be well underway before spring migration kicked in to high gear.

Back in February, the Bluebirds began checking out the various houses in the yard.  The Chickadees took possession of one of the houses that the Bluebirds had seemed to favor and began building their nest about two weeks ago.

Yesterday and more so today I noticed that the Bluebirds were spending a great deal of time looking at the house and going in and out of that box.  Needless to say the Chickadees were upset and despite swooping relentlessly at the Bluebirds, they appear to have lost.

The male Bluebird eventually brought out one egg that had been laid by the Chickadees.  I could not help but to feel sorry for them.  I guess that is the way nature works.

The male then spent time bringing out material the Chickadees had used for nest building.  I hope after ripping apart the Chickadee nest and taking off their egg, they will go ahead and nest in that box.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Osprey Arriving

Hopefully we are done with winter.  It has been a long, cold and wet one.  Today we are finally back to having spring-like weather with temperature closer to normal.

A sure sign spring is on the way is the arrival of the Osprey.  I went to check a nest this morning and found what is probably the male bringing in sticks.  The Osprey males generally bring in most of the nesting material and the female arranges the sticks.

The lack of the "necklace" on this one indicates it is probably the male however younger females may not have a prominent necklace.

I look forward to going back with the longer lens to try for some good shots.