Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Ground Hog Is Still Hanging Out

The ground hog is still here and as taken up residence under the deck.  It use to live in a burrow at the end of the property outside of the fenced back yard but I think the appearance of coyotes is what drove it to the protection of the fenced back yard.

It does not bother anything and I enjoy seeing it so as far as I am concerned it can stay.  I am a little bit worried about it with the extreme cold headed this way as under the deck has gravel so I don't think it can burrow much.  This afternoon I did take some plastic and staple around the lower edge of the deck to help block any wind.

Yesterday between rain showers, it would come up on the deck to look around.  This is one shot through the kitchen window right before the hawk flew in and spooked it.  I also took a little bit of video so I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cooper's Hawk

A cool wet, rainy day and the Cooper's Hawk made an appearance several times.  Each time the birds around the feeder would scatter.  After surveying the area closely, the hawk finally made a dive into the bushes.  I watched from the window for at least 10 minutes and never saw the hawk come back up so I can only guess some poor bird fell victim.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autumn Ground Hog - A Sign of A Bad Winter?

After 7 weeks of my camera being sent back to the factory for repairs, I finally got it back about two weeks ago.  After cleaning up the mess in the yard from Hurricane Matthew, I have had an opportunity over the last several days to try it out.

Over the last four days, the ground hog has been coming every day and gorging on acorns.  The acorns this year are large and their numbers are extraordinary.  In February the saying is that if the ground hog sees its shadow there will be six more week of winter.  I wonder if the ground hog sees its shadow in autumn if it means an early winter?

The first day I spotted the ground hog in the yard it was a bit skittish.  Over the last couple of days of my standing quietly at the window, it has finally realized I am not going to hurt it.  Day before yesterday it got so bold that it came up on the deck!  I was quite shocked when it did that.

Early this morning when a hawk flew in, the critter ducked in to the shed where I keep the lawn mover.  After a few minutes peering out until the hawk flew off, it finally came out.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gathering of Bucks

While it is not so unusual to see a gathering of bucks as rutting season nears, it seems a bit early to see a group now.  This afternoon when I looked out the window, there were six bucks hanging out near the pond.  Shortly after I put some corn out, they came on up.  There are two that I see daily but new ones had arrived from somewhere.

All of the doe hung back in the tree line while the bucks gorged themselves.  There was quit a bit of chasing and attempting to show dominance among the bucks.  The little fawn just walked among them trying to get someone to play.

Of all days not to have the trail camera out!  I was shooting through the window as I was afraid that any attempt to open one up would send them running so they are not the best.  Here are a few.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crowded Tree House

The young raccoons have grown so much and are quite active.  On days that are overcast like today, the Mom raccoon appears to have her hands full on attempting to keep the youngsters from heading out.

They are so cute and fun to watch but they are a challenge to keep out of things under the garage,  They keep setting off the motion spotlights so I have finally just cut them off.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back On Line

After almost a month of computer and internet issues, I am close to having things resolved.  Windows 10 auto update crashed my computer.  When I restored back to Windows 7, the computer began having issues.  To top it all off, AT&T then cut the DSL connection to force everyone to go to the U-verse which has been a nightmare.  I have been averaging 18 losses per hour so basically trying to do anything on the internet has been an exercise in frustration.  Late this afternoon they finally notified me they would be running a new line.

A new computer.....back with Windows 7 has me back on line again.  Microsoft tried to slip back in tonight and do the auto-update but I got it stopped.

One of the doe showed up with her fawn on Saturday afternoon.  Then the heavy barrage of fireworks Sunday and Monday night sort of spooked them.  I saw them come back up late this afternoon.

I have been having such a time with one of the young raccoons.  It is definitely very curious and if I don't take in the bird feeders at night, thinks they are its own private diner.  Yesterday afternoon I watched them waiting for the edge of dark to come down from their tree.  The younger one kept trying to engage the adult in play.

It is going to be a miserably hot, muggy week this week so not sure I will be going out much.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

At a time in our history, when many Americans look down on anything patriotic, yet they are the very people that will cite their right to protest or burn the flag, they can thank those who sacrificed their lives or came home with life changing injuries so that many people, both American and in other countries can enjoy a life free from oppression.