Thursday, December 18, 2014


The female Kingfisher was quite active at the pond today.  She chattered and flew about fussing at an immature Red-shouldered Hawk that was sitting nearby.

Yesterday my friend caught a shot of what I feel sure is the same hawk chasing after the Kingfisher.  The hawk today did not try to go after it but conserved energy focusing on the small birds under it.

I had hoped that the Northern Shovlers were still there today but no such luck.  This time of year things come through, spend the night on the pond then take off for parts unknown.

The mallards of course were still on the pond.  When the hawk flew down after something close to where this mallard was, it spooked and took off to a safer position in the middle of the pond.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Northern Shovlers

After a rainy, gray day yesterday it was nice to see the sun out this morning.  I headed to the park early and found lots of N. Shovlers had arrived.  I wished I had taken my long lens with me but had planned mostly on doing some macro stuff.

I think I will go back in the morning with the long lens and see what else I can get.  I would like to get some shots of the large group but they were too far out with the lens I had today.

These are such odd looking ducks with their large flat bill.  I get tickled at them swimming in circles with their head under water.  They definitely have their own technique for stirring up food.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Beauty in the common.  The electric emerald green of the drake's head is a sharp contrast to the shades of brown in the landscape this time of year.  The hen, with her patterned feathers in muted colors has a gentle beauty of her own.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Gray Day

It has been another gray, cool day with a wind that cuts through you.  The brief period of blue sky this morning was very short.  I had several things to work on here at the house so I did not go out.  It turns out it was a good day to stay home with lots of activity from the hawk.  The photos are definitely not the best as the day was dark and there were lots of small limbs between the camera and the hawk.

First thing this morning I noticed lots of turkey vultures flying around the house which is a good indicator they have something spotted.  I kept hearing and seeing the hawk flying around and on one trip past the window, I spotted it sitting on a limb tearing meat from something unknown.  It was not long before the crows began harassing it and it flew off.

Sometime later, I was again looked out the window and spotted the hawk again but this time with something different.  The hawk sat for ten minutes shredding whatever it was.  After it left I walked out to see if I spotted fur or something that would give me an idea of what it was eating but nothing.

Finally the Turkey Vultures clued in on where the hawk was and moved in for leftovers.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sun, Wind and Hawk

Finally after several days of gray, the sun came out late this morning.  The wind was really kicking up though.  Thankfully the wind took down the last of the leaves on the oak tree so I hope leaf blowing is coming to an end.

The Red-shouldered hawk was on its lookout tree with back to the wind.  The wind was sufficient enough to rock the hawk and it finally flew off to find a more protected place out of the wind.

I am hoping that the rain projected for tomorrow will not materialize.  Just checking the radar it looks like it may be falling apart.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Golden-crowned Kinglet

It has been a misty, gray day with off and on drizzle, a perfect day to be lazy.

One of my favorite birds that come in for the winter are the Golden-crowned Kinglets.  Unlike the Ruby-crowned that show very little fear on being close to you, the Golden-crowned is a bit more elusive.

Their golden crown will turn a brilliant orange when they are excited.  During the winter, whether it is the gold or orange splash, it is a welcome spot of color.

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