Monday, June 23, 2014

Finally Feeling Better

After a couple of weeks of just not feeling well, I am beginning to feel like my old self again.  I took advantage of the cooler weather this morning (a rarity this time of year) to get out for a little while. I did not stay out long as I needed to get back home to cut grass and run the trimmer.  The heat and summer storms return later this week so this is a task I needed to complete.

The female Red-shouldered Hawk was sitting in her favorite tree watching for a meal.  All the birds love this particular tree.  It was hit by lightning two years ago and half of the tree died but the other half is okay.  The tree was full of birds.  Lots of young Bluebirds and more House Finches than I could count.  I wish I had paid a little more attention to just what all was in the tree.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Guess what got the snake?

For the first day that I had the snake over the stump, the hawks sat up in the trees around the yard screeching.  On the second day, they would make fly by checking it out.  Finally one got nerve enough to check it out.  And yes, it flew off with the snake.  The trailcam shot of the fly off was not too good. Sun highlights were too strong.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Catching Up

I have been so super busy over the last week getting ready for a kitchen renovation there has been little time to do much else.  To top it all off, a really bad case of sciatica hit me after a long hike and has had me off my feet quite a bit.

Off and on today when I would walk outside, I kept hearing this fast little chirping sound.  I had spotted the juvenile Cowbird and kept trying to see which bird got sucker-punched.  Late this afternoon I finally saw as a Carolina Wren was frantically trying to find enough to feed the young bird that was twice the size of the poor wren.

It really made me quite mad to think that the young wren chicks probably did not make it and were pushed out of the nest by this bird.  The photo is not the best as it was getting late and light was funky.

Just before dark I walked out on the deck and noticed some movement at the disappearing fountain.  Normally I do not kill snakes but sorry, this Copperhead was too close to the house and my dog walks in that area.

I went to get the hoe and had a little bit of trouble trying to get it among the rocks.  It was striking out at me so I was trying to be very careful.  I felt sort of bad but just could not risk the dog getting bitten.....or me.

As it was now almost dark and I really did not want to walk down get it over the fence, I draped it over a stump.  Head removed I am going to be curious as to whether anything will get it tonight or one of the hawks in the morning.  Did a quick set up of the trailcam so see if anything comes tonight.