Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autumn Ground Hog - A Sign of A Bad Winter?

After 7 weeks of my camera being sent back to the factory for repairs, I finally got it back about two weeks ago.  After cleaning up the mess in the yard from Hurricane Matthew, I have had an opportunity over the last several days to try it out.

Over the last four days, the ground hog has been coming every day and gorging on acorns.  The acorns this year are large and their numbers are extraordinary.  In February the saying is that if the ground hog sees its shadow there will be six more week of winter.  I wonder if the ground hog sees its shadow in autumn if it means an early winter?

The first day I spotted the ground hog in the yard it was a bit skittish.  Over the last couple of days of my standing quietly at the window, it has finally realized I am not going to hurt it.  Day before yesterday it got so bold that it came up on the deck!  I was quite shocked when it did that.

Early this morning when a hawk flew in, the critter ducked in to the shed where I keep the lawn mover.  After a few minutes peering out until the hawk flew off, it finally came out.