Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It has been a miserable day between the freezing rain, sleet and snow.  The extreme cold over the next couple of days means we will be stuck with it for several days.

The little hummingbird that is here hit the feeder often and long today.  I had set up a light under the eaves of the house along with a stick tied to the ladder. The hummer warmed itself from the heat of the light most of the day.

I could not find a think cover heat lamp and it did not particularly like the white light so I settled on a yellow bug light hence the gold glow.

I had lots of birds and put out additional food on the ground and along the deck rail to limit food fights.

Though not one of the colorful birds that visited today, my two favorite shots today were a female Cardinal and a dove.


ME2NC said...

Hey Paula! Good to see you posting again. Interesting to put a light up for a hummer. I would never have thought of that. You probably saved it.

Nature Girl said...

Hey Gladys, Sorry to take so long to reply back. This has been a crazy month. I was very, very worried the poor little bird wouldn't make it so I went down to the local agri supply store and bought a brooding heat lamp. The little hummer stayed by it for two days and nights!