Sunday, March 8, 2015

Osprey Arriving

Hopefully we are done with winter.  It has been a long, cold and wet one.  Today we are finally back to having spring-like weather with temperature closer to normal.

A sure sign spring is on the way is the arrival of the Osprey.  I went to check a nest this morning and found what is probably the male bringing in sticks.  The Osprey males generally bring in most of the nesting material and the female arranges the sticks.

The lack of the "necklace" on this one indicates it is probably the male however younger females may not have a prominent necklace.

I look forward to going back with the longer lens to try for some good shots.


ME2NC said...

Whoo-hoo! Spring is almost here. Seemed like a long winter. I haven't seen an Osprey around here but the park where I usually see them is closed right now. Nice shots.

Paula said...

It has been a long winter. I so look forward to warmer weather and blue skies. The Osprey started showing up this past Monday around here. I look forward to watching the nest this year.