Saturday, May 12, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawk

The morning started beautiful and clouds quickly moved in giving the sky an overcast appearance.  The skies have been beautiful and clear all week but on my first day off in two weeks....clouds!

Far too many folks at the park this morning for any quality birding so I quickly left.  I zipped over to a quieter location to watch the hawks hunting.  A pair of Red-Shouldered nesting in the area were flying the field.  They flew over several times and I turned my attention back to a large group of Kingbirds stirring this up.  In a minute, they flew away and all the birds went quiet.  I turned around and on the post behind me was one of the hawks.  We looked at each other for a few all to brief seconds before it took off.

I realized too late into the morning that the Bobolinks have arrived at a field up the road.  Weather permitting in the morning my mission is intent on trying to get some good shots.

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