Monday, May 11, 2015


I spent last week trying to finish up projects before this last round of rain from T.S. Ana came through.  I got the deck stained/water sealed, all the bushes trimmed, stained the front steps and painted the handrails and last but not least, sprayed for poison ivy of which now I have a respectable case breaking out.

I didn't do much today other than get my drivers license renewed and a few simple things around the house.

Late this afternoon as I was grilling some pork chops, I noticed the raccoon peeking out of her tree.  I figured it was about time for her to start bringing out her little ones.  I didn't see any young today but over the last several years when she begins looking out during daylight, it won't be long before the little ones start peeking out.


G L Buzzell said...

Oh my gosh, Paula, that is the cutest photo. Love it!

Coppertop said...

Simply adorable Paula! I love this photo.

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys, I got some great shots this afternoon. Can't wait to look through them.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. I think they are just adorable little creatures with their dark mask.