Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

I have still been busy with the yard projects but things are getting ready to slow down with the ever increasing heat.  I definitely cannot take it like I use to particularly when the humidity gets high.

This morning as I was wrapping up a couple of things while it was still on the cooler side I was trying to photograph a Pileated WP that was checking out the trees when I heard all kinds of commotion in the neighbors yard.    I suspected the Cooper's Hawk as it has been hanging around hunting for the last couple of weeks.  The Blue Jays were really fussing and hopping around in the tree so I was looking hard when I spotted movement on the ground.  I hate I missed the action.

The Cooper's had something on the ground and at first I thought it was a black snake but then realized it was a bird.  I only got a couple of quick shots before it flew off.  It might be bad to say but I am glad to see a Grackle gone.  They must have nested nearby this year because they have driven me crazy trying to get at the suet feeders.

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