Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bird On A Wire

What an unfortunate weekend to have to work with the weather finally turning almost springlike. In this day and time however I guess I should be thankful for a job. The only reason I looked forward to going was in hopes of seeing a Veery that has been hanging around since Thursday. But of course, taking my camera the last two days and I haven't seen it although I have heard its song.

I went in at 0530 this morning so left a little after 1430 and did a drive by to a place I have spotted a Kestrel. Was hoping to get a couple of shots. No luck on that but a pair of Shrikes were working a field hard. I pulled over a watched a little while but as I eased forward in the car ever so slowly, I got a couple of shots before they moved out further in the field. Oh well, at least I am thankful for a couple of decent shots.

Have set up the trail cam this afternoon so hoping for some action tonight. About 0315 this morning, I heard Ali barking and that low serious growl. I came in to see what had her so upset. There were five deer out in the front yard just walking about so I hope they come back tonight. Hopefully some good pics to post tomorrow.

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Kath said...

Such dreamy colours, you have many more colourful birds than us Brits. Must be our dull climate :-D