Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faster Than a Speeding........

Hummingbirds have nothing on Kinglets when it comes to nervous never stand still behavior. I have seen hummingbirds sit still longer.
I went out this morning to see what was out and walked to a spot where the Kinglets (both Ruby Crowned and Yellow Crowned) have been hanging out in hopes of getting some decent shots.

It was like an adventure in speed photography. Twenty minutes of intense follow the bird with the camera and hope it lands and sits still long enough for a shot. I laughed at all the shots of just catching the tail or nothing at all. I did manage to get a couple of shots showing the "Ruby" in the Ruby Crowned but not what I hoped for.

It was a fun morning but will try again in the morning. The wind was up quite a bit blowing things about and the camera at times seem to have trouble focusing.

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