Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Common Yellowthroat

After 7 days where high temperatures went from 83 to 40, today was a nice day before rain that is suppose to move in tomorrow. The server that operates the computer system I work on crashed and burned around noon today so home I went quickly to change, grab the camera and head out.

Was thrilled to see the Common Yellowthroats had returned to the area. I generally only see them in this area spring through summer. This male's bright yellow stood out and caught my attention quickly.

I saw the female but never could get a decent shot of her. Something for another day.


Kath said...

That is beautiful. That yellow flash is so vivid. It must be very eye catching, especially in numbers.

Paula said...

I believe they definitely deserve a name other than Common Yellowthroat with their striking contrast of colors. Exciting time of year when the spring and summer birds are arriving. Every outing is like an adventure in what you can spot.