Friday, March 25, 2011

Nest Building

Years ago, ivy was planted in many of the yards on the street. The houses were built in the 50's when I guess ivy was desired. It is now a constant battle to control. The trees in the woods around the house have ivy growing up them so each winter (no snakes), I tromp through the woods hacking the vines at the base of the trees. I take a general area each year and by the third year start back in the first area.

There are several cavity trees I make an attempt to clean each year to ensure the opening is inviting for nesting. I was late on a couple this year but after seeing some birds checking them out, cut the vines.

This afternoon walking around looking to see if any takers, out pops a little head. The bird and I stared at each other then off it went. I came back inside to get the camera in case it should come back. After checking out a couple of other trees, I came back to the one where I saw the bird. I saw the pair of Tufted Titmice fly in and they sat fussing so I backed off a ways to watch. The skies are very gray today and it was getting late so the photos are not the best. I suspect I will have several opportunities to observe their nesting behavior.

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