Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Morning Out

Since Monday was a holiday and happened to be my day off, I had today off which made it a nice long weekend. The temperature was already warm and expected to rise to mid 90's today so I had second thoughts as to whether much would be out but decided to go ahead out for about an hour. Not much out over the weekend so I figured today would be the same.

Was I ever wrong. For whatever reason the birds were really out today. I had been chasing a mystery bird for the last couple of weeks. I could not place the call and it would never come out in the open. Yesterday I got a quick shot but extremely poor quality as the lighting was in front of me. A new bird for my list, Yellow-breasted Chat so I was determined to get a good shot.

I heard it before I approached the back bridge and eased out ever so slowly. A couple of shots and it flew to a tree further back. It continued to call and I decided to start mimicking it. Well what do you know. It flew close to me and I stood and chatted with the Chat. I got so tickled that I could not whistle back.

A new Oriole was in today. A couple of not very good shots but until I can determine what and hopefully get a better shot I will hold in reserve.

Several juvenile Blue Grosbeaks were out hunting. As beautiful as they are as adults, while they are in molting stage with their mix of colors, not the best looking birds but fun watch.

The Damselflies are out with their iridescent colors ablaze. Unlike dragonflies, they tend to stay in a shaded area finding a little patch of sunshine.


Kath said...

I just can't get over the COLOURS of your birds Paula, they are so beautiful and vibrant.
I enjoyed reading about Phoebe and the photo of the hawk.

Paula said...

Thanks Kath. We are fortunate to be blessed with a large variety of birds. Phoebe story continues. Stay tuned.