Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Week of Outstanding Birding

After 12 days straight the weekend arrives and to put it bluntly, the weather sucks. Almost a 30 degree drop in temperatures from Thursday until today. Hopefully the clouds will lift at least for a little while tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon I came home in a hurry to get the dog to a scheduled vet appointment for her yearly vaccinations. I was running late and when I walked by the window I noticed a new visitor at the feeder. The Cardinals who usually dominate the feeder were sitting off to the side. One would attempt to come to the feeder but the the female Red-Breasted Grosbeak would have none of that. I lifted the flap on the dog door and got off about two shots before she flew. She came around to the front feeder and after getting her fill at the feeder, she popped down for some water. It seems every time she comes the weather is not conducive to good photo taking. It was a treat to get to watch her for a while.

Thursday on my lunch break, I did a quick hour of birding hoping to spot the female Summer Tanager. Lady luck was on my side and I was able to get some good shots and watch her for a while.

As I was standing watching various birds when a Pine Warbler landed on the tree right in front of me. I have trying for a good shot and once again luck blessed me. So even with today definitely not a good day for outside, I am thankful that I have had such a good week of outstanding birding for the limited time I was able to get out.

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