Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker

3rd weekend in a row of rain and clouds. Finally next weekend is suppose to be nice weather however of course, that is a work weekend. Never fails. I went out a bit this morning and had about two hours of mostly couldy skies with occasional openings in the clouds for some sunshine. Not a great deal seemed to be out. Still lots of hummingbirds around and they are extremely active but not much else.

I could hear the Pileated Woodpeckers off in the distance and walked toward their direction. There is just something about these birds I like. Their animated call can be heard over a great distance. Their red feather head topper and face stripes seem to give them an animated quizical appearance. It spent quite some time on the tree ducking its head in and out of various holes in the tree.


Woodduck said...

Nice. One of my favorites too. Even got the call for a ringtone!

Paula said...

They are just very cool looking birds. Sorry for the delay in responding. Work schedule has been just about too much.