Sunday, May 4, 2014

Black Bear

Late Friday night my friend and I decided to take a run down to the eastern part of the state on Saturday.  We left very early in the morning to maximize our day with hopes of seeing lots of good things.

Before we had gone a couple of miles down the road we started seeing lots of deer, opposum and raccoons all dashing across the road.  We took this as a good sign of things to come, that being that wildlife was active.

Not long after we turned on the road that would take us to our final destination I spotted some movement on the side of the road and hit the brakes.  A bear!  My friend and I both grabbed our cameras and started maneuvering trying for a good position.  We of course did not get out of the car.  As there was no where to pull off the road I just had to keep watching for a vehicle that might come up on us.

Another couple pulled up and the gentleman who was a local said that since a truckload of corn overturned in that area the previous week, he had been seeing the bear there on a regular basis.

It was a thrill to see one out in the wild and close up.  Black Bear range has been expanding in North Carolina and during spring, bears often wander outside their normal range. Information on bear range in North Carolina can be found here.


Coppertop said...

Fantastic photos Paula. What a great memory moment!

Metis Birding said...

What a great sighting! This is indeed the time of year that young males must find their own territory. They occasionally wander my way, near Greensboro.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. A rare opportunity I will not soon forget!

Paula said...

Thanks Metis Birding. Last year one also wandered in to our area. Looking at the NCWRC data, their range is slowly but surely expanding in to the central areas of the State.

ME2NC said...

Wow, your photos are great. Looks like you were right up close and personal with that guy. Lucky you!

Paula said...

It was that close! I had to change out from the long lens to a shorter lens to get it. It was only was only one lane of the road and maybe another 6 feet away from the car which is why we kept our behinds in the car (in case the bear decided to come our way).