Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The raccoon made her appearance today which means her kits will be showing themselves soon.  I had so much fun watching the young ones last year and have been anticipating show time this year.

Early this morning I first noticed mom raccoon laying out of the hole.  She does this when she is nursing the kits.

She is a bit timid and when I sneezed, retreated in to the tree a bit.  She and  the kits last year quickly became accustomed to me sitting close by and taking photos and I was able to witness some fun play time between the kits.

About 1500 this afternoon she came out again. She seemed a little more relaxed with me watching and did not retreat.  I hope to see the kits in a couple of days.


Coppertop said...

I love watching wildlife especially the young ones. Will be looking forward to your photos of the raccoon babies!

Paula said...

Me too! There is just something so cute about young animals. I can hardly wait until they start peering out of the tree.

G L Buzzell said...

Raccoons are cute and make wonderful photography subjects.

Amazing that you figured out that she is laying back that way to nurse them.

1500 huh? Spoken like a former military person (grin).

Paula said...

After 30 years, old habits are hard to break! When the kits were coming out a bit more last year, I could see that when she was stretched back she was nursing.