Monday, October 25, 2010

Bird Blind Progress

I made good progress on the bird blind Sunday. Other than a little camouflauge work to break up the square outline and decide where to cut the window flaps, the main blind is mostly completed. Let the ducks come. I wanted to get them finished before the waterfowl arrived. I cleared another small area where I am going to make a smaller blind. I will work on that area this coming weekend. The Kingfishers hang out in that area so I am hoping to get some good shots.

While I was working one Osprey was busy hunting on the lake and the one pictured was very successful. One three spearate occasions I saw it catch and take a fish back to the tree. Usually within a few minutes, a group of crows were harrasing it and attempting to take the fish. So many would gang up the bird would give up and fly away. By the time I stopped to take a few shots, the sun was not in a favorable location so the picture is not the greatest.

Hopefully there will be many more opportunities as the Osprey seem to have made themselves at home. The Cormorants have already started coming in and there are a few ducks coming in. The Mergansers usually arrive mid to late November. Not sure if the warm weather will throw the arrival times off.

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