Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Different Kind of Wild Life

What a wonderful day it has been. The "wildlife" I experienced today was a little different than my normal postings. I was able to spend some time with my nephew making cookies for him to enter in the State Fair. He made Granola Ranger Cookies. I was really impressed by his skills in the kitchen. With the exception of taking the hot pan out of the oven and just a little supervision to make sure the quantities of ingredients were correct, he did them on his own. It was so cute when he told me I could call him Chef T.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that he wins some sort of ribbon. Even a third place would be okay. Even if he doesn't, between his Mom and I, we will make sure he gets a ribbon (even if we have to make one up).

Before we started baking, between batches in the oven, and after we finished, playtime was on between he and Ali. Normally every afternoon, Ali starts the constant pawing until we go for a walk. This afternoon, she has settled in for a long nap. I think the solution is to have an active 6 year old for her to play with all day to wear her out.

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