Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Activities

I finally had a chance to go out and test my new macro lens. It will take me a while to learn the in's and out's to get the desired results..... I guess that just means lots of picture taking.

The night was very cool so the dew was on everything this morning which provided some nice photo op's. I was taking a picture of something else and noticed this one drop on a blade of grass that was quivering just waiting to fall.

After walking in the park for a while, I went over to my parents. I had been wanting to fix a blind this year before the winter waterfowl begin arriving next month. I realized last year to get the good shots, you need to be hidden or the ducks spook. I settled on a location and went about clearing some low hanging branches and an area large enough for the blind. I wanted something easy to move if the location did not pan out even though during the summer I used that same area with good results in photographing deer around the lake.

Back during the summer, I had already cut and dry fitted the PVC pipe. Too many snakes at that time to get deep in the weeds to clear out however. I set it up and spray painted it with a soft olive green that looked natural. I took the dead limbs and some green I had cut to open the view and placed them around three sides of the bottom to break up the straight lines.
Lake views show left and right looking out from the blind. The lower end of the lake in the cove area is where they seem to prefer hanging out.
I still have to decide what I am going to do on the top. Probably the least expensive will be to get some burlap and camoflauge. At one of the local farm stores that also sells deer corn and tree stands, they did have a package of mossy oak camo material. I may just do that.

While I was working the Osprey flew by twice and got a fish. By the time I could get to the camera it was gone. I did get one shot of it sitting on the tree limb eating the fish. Not a very good shot as it was across the lake and up. Out of lens range so it is fuzzy. Last year there were at least three eagles that regularly visited the lake. Hope they will be back this year.

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