Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Bit O' Birding

Despite the fact I needed to be home cleaning up the yard, I decided to go out for a bit this morning just to see what was out. I sort of expected it to be a great morning after the storm yesterday and from the number of birding groups out, assume they thought the same. Turned out to be sort of a disappointing morning. A Kestrel and Loggerhead Shrike that hang in the area are back in for the fall and winter seasons. Maybe this is the signal that good things are about to start coming in.

What I have noticed more and more in the last two weeks is that the females are out. During nesting season you rarely saw the females of the migratory birds. Now you tend to see the females as it seems the males have already departed.

There were a group of four birds sort of hanging together fluttering about and hunting insects. I have sort of debated but think they are young Indigo Buntings and all seemed to be female.

Mockingbirds seemed to be everywhere. There must have been a bumper crop this year. Mostly out of boredom and nothing else to shoot I took a shot of one and glad I did. I think this photo will go in an upcoming slide show my friend and I are giving in October.

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