Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Late Summer Wildflowers

Went out for about an hour this morning just to walk a bit. I knew I would be stuck at the house waiting for the delivery truck with the new computer. And no, it has not come yet. I could have gone to work after all. Tracking sight still says delivery today.

I had been keeping my eye on several wildflowers waiting for them to bloom. With the lack of rain this summer, I am amazed they have bloomed at all but they seem full and beautiful. I would have loved to been able to get closer but with the exception of the Cranefly Orchid, they were all out in the swampy area where I am sure there are some large no-shoulders that live there.

The Cardinal Flower prefers a wetland habitat. The hummingbirds absolutely love this plant. I have one at the house and watch the hummingbird hit it every morning before coming to the feeder.

The Cranefly Orchid (Tipularia Discolor) is a member of the Orchidaceae family. Unlike many traditional orchids, it is a terrestrial orchid found growing in woodlands over most of the southeastern US.

The Monkeyflower is a member of the snap dragon family. It too preferes wet meadowlands and streambanks. The name is suppose to be because the flower somewhat looks like a monkey's face. I guess if you squint and use your imagination maybe?

And yeah!!! The new computer was just delivered. Now the work begins.

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