Monday, August 8, 2011

Waning Days of Summer

Despite continuing high temperatures, signs of the approaching fall are everywhere. The Goldenrod is blooming which is a sure sign. Already many of the birds of summer are departing for parts unknown. The song of the Indigo Bunting once so prevelant is now rare.

The fevered activity of nesting and fledging have passed and now the birds seem to be eating at a frantic pace knowing what is ahead. The angle of the sun is lower in the sky and slowly but surely daylight shortens.

It has been a very different birding year here. Very good in many respects but the migratory summers birds seem to be departing much earlier. Normally mid-September through mid-October is prime time for fall migration in this area so I will be anxious to see.

The acorns have started falling here at the house. I suspect the extremely dry weather has had a definite impact. The acorns are much smaller than last year so hopefully that will equate to not much snow. Seems when the acorns are large, we have a snowy winter. If we have as cold a winter as we did a hot summer, we are in for it.

Not much out today. I think all the birds had the commom sense to stay in the shade. A Green Heron flew in briefly across the pond but did not stay long. Mostly Mockingbirds, Catbirds and a whole brood of young Carolina Wrens.

The only thing with wings that seem to like the heat were the invertebrates. The pokeberries are turning dark purple and their bright fushia stems seem to call to the birds yet warn away others.

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