Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mid-Week Stuff

Cold weather arrived with a front that moved through Monday.  It has been hard to take after above average warmth up until then.  Cold temps finally killed the summer annuals that had flourished up until now.

The cold has brought a flurry of birds to the feeders.  Around Christmas I made a large batch of suet cakes chopping up some cranberries and blueberries and adding to the mixture.  The birds are loving it.

Just before dark tonight, I looked out the kitchen window and could see the deer wandering behind the fence.  They have been arriving before dark since the cold.  I took a large bag of acorns out of the freezer in addition to the scoop of corn/deer chow mix I spread out.

Usually the doe's come up first however tonight, the buck came up first and made a pig of himself.  I finally tapped on the window which sent him moving on and then the doe's came in.

 All the creatures were looking for food tonight.  Several raccoons scurried about trying to get to the deer chow and then the fox came by.   I am always amazed when I see the deer, raccoon, and fox all  together at the same time, same place, and manage to get along with each other.

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