Saturday, January 14, 2012

Signs of Spring in a Winter's Chill

A cold front that moved through Thursday night brought howling winds and cold temperatures.  Early in the  morning I was awakened by the sound of a crash on the roof.  Fortunately, no real damage from the rather large limb.

Early yesterday morning the wind cut through you and made it seems much colder.  By late afternoon the winds moderated somewhat.  Having gone to work very early, I left shortly after 1400 and was able to spend a few minutes outside when I arrived home. 

As the last rays of sunshine for the day flooded into the yard, 20-30 robins arrived giving the yard a once over.  They took turns splashing in the various bird baths then finding a sunny spot to warm and dry.  When I see the robins start to flock in, a case of spring fever always follows.  Seeing the daffodils starting to peek through the leaves only adds to the desire for spring to arrive. 

After the robins finally left, a dove that had been huddled close by watching all the commotion and antics of the robins settled in on the bird bath for a drink of water and to catch the last of the sunshine.

 This morning it is a hard cold out.  I just walked out to take the crate off the bird feeder in the backyard (raccoon protection) and the leaves on the Acuba shrubs were curled and frozen.  Early birding this morning....probably not.  Fortunately, this cold snap will be short lived and temperatures will moderate during the upcoming week.

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