Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawks & Eagle Cam Info

Lazy start this morning as temps dipped to about 29 last night.  It has warmed up fairly nicely this afternoon but temps are about 12 deg cooler than yesterday but still a beautiful day for the end of January.  I was getting things together to go out for a bit this morning when I heard the hawks calling,  Following was the alarm honking of the geese on the pond and the fussing of birds and squirrels.

I stepped out to see if I could spot the hawks.  They have been visiting the yard frequently and I believe checking out potential nesting sites.  It has been three years since they nested in a tree by the side of the house where I had opportunity to closely observe them.

One was sitting in one tree and the second flying from tree to tree checking them out.  Not sure if they were hunting on scoping out territory.  Photos of one are a little iffy because it was still fairly shady.  The last tree where the one below flew was about the area where the nest was several years ago.

I went on to the park after these shots where I had an outstanding birding morning.  Nothing really out of the ordinary but lots of activity and some pretty decent duck shots.  There were Buffleheads, Mergansers, Grebes, Ringed- Necks, Mallards and the always Canada Geese out this morning.

 I have been having such a major flair up of carpal tunnel that I am limiting mouse use and keyboarding time until the inflammation chills out a bit so going through photos is a slow process right now.

And lastly, I found the link for the "EagleCam" at Jordan Lake which is in the next county over.    They had one last year in a little different format which I liked better.  It was fun to watch the young eagle chicks grow until they fledged.  The camera is active daylight hours eastern time.  There are two chicks in the nest now.

"This Bald Eagle Nest Camera is located on Jordan Lake near Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC. It was set up last year as a joint project b/w NC State, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Maxim Intergrated Products, and Lineberger Tree Service."Lake Jordan Eagle Cam

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