Friday, August 24, 2012

Albino Fawns

A friend of mine shared a photo he took of two young albino fawns he spotted while driving.  I asked permission to use the photo after I learned that albino deer are not protected from being hunted in this State and sadly, not in most.

I guess my feelings toward albino creatures align with those shared by many Native American cultures, that albino animals are sacred and hold special powers.  That chance spotting gives rise to a feeling of excitement and wonder about nature.   I know it is purely a matter of genetics and recessive genes, but what a special treat to see twin albino fawns.   Mortality rate among albino creatures of all species is much higher than those of normal coloration.  I suppose that is nature’s way of ensuring only the strong survive and the best genes are passed forward.  With that knowledge, can we not let those that are around live in peace without mankind adding to their demise by hunting?  To take advantage of an obvious weakness seems very wrong in every respect.  Where is our compassion for a creature that has an obvious disadvantage?    

 After viewing many websites, I guess this has been a hot topic in many States for some time.  First let me say that I am not opposed to hunting if done legally and the meat is used.  To kill any deer just to cut off a rack is wasteful and shows a great disrespect towards the value of a living creature.   With fewer and fewer people hunting these days, and in this area, a lack of natural predators, I realize from a biological standpoint to maintain a healthy, sustainable herd, hunting needs to be allowed.  The sheer number of deer-auto accidents and seeing deer in unusual places is a testament to their growing numbers in this area.

Hunters with high powered scopes and rifles, compound bows and supposedly, higher intelligence have a greater advantage.  Is it really ethical to go after a creature that because of a fluke of nature has no way to camouflage itself?  Now if you want to go man against beast, using brute strength, speed and cunning, no weapons, and can then take one down,  that would be a fair match up.

 The excitement of seeing one standing in a field versus hanging on a wall; there is no contest.  I can only hope that the many hunters continue to believe a bit of lore from the Native American culture that it brings bad luck to kill an albino deer.

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