Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Boy's Night Out

After my 12 day work week, I am glad to see Friday.  Expected strong storms for this afternoon thankfully fizzled out so I could get some grass cutting done.  Rain almost every afternoon for the last two weeks had the yard looking like a jungle.  I hope tomorrows projected rain will hold off so I can  get a little needed birding time in.  I feel like I will have to learn to use the camera all over again.

The last two afternoons when I walked down around the pond to put the trail camera out, I have spotted two Green Herons.  This afternoon they were being very vocal which is unusual.  I was going to walk back down with the camera but thunder started but eventually moved on.  I will defintely have to do a little scouting tomorrow.

With rutting season about two months away, the "boys" are already starting to be spotted more openly.  I have caught glimpses of this buck but he has normally hung back from where the doe and the fawns are feeding.  I have captured a couple of shots of the doe with the fawns chasing him away.

He is a fairly handsome buck and his rack looks more impressive than it did last year.  Right after this close shot, he nudged the camera enough to dent the metal box.  Guess he didn't like the little faint red glow.  Fortunately, no damage to the camera.


Woodduck said...

Right nice buck! Be nice to get some daytime shots...maybe morning when the rut starts. Usually Nov. where I ramble.

Paula said...

Uusually by mid-October, the bucks start scouting for their female though actual mating may not be for a couple of weeks. I have noticed in last two weeks particularly, an increase in spotting bucks out in the open. Yep, I am hoping for some good day shots too.

Kath said...

I'm loving all these night time shots of your wildlife.

Paula said...

Since most wildlife comes out in the cover of the dark, it lets you get a glimpse of them and their behavior. Thanks for dropping in.