Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Aerial Ballet

After another night of showers, the sun peeked out for a bit this morning.  I headed out early with high hopes for a good morning of birding.  The coolness of the morning hinted to the coming autumn season.  Before I reached my destination clouds were already once again moving in giving the sky an overcast milky appearance.

Attempting to dry out feathers, an immature male and a female
Common Yellow-throat were hunting in the willow trees.

I was surprised that several Northern Parula were in this morning.  Sure sign that migration is beginning.  I hope they will stay around for a bit.

A pair of Red-Shouldered hawks (?)were flying around and calling out.  They soon flew over the wetland area and began putting on quite an aerial ballet.  Four of us stood for at least ten minutes watching their show.  They were moving so quickly I was having difficulty tracking them.  The last shot posted here I was originally not going to post as they had moved out some distance from where I was standing.  When I realized the position of one of the hawks, I decided it was a keeper.

Notice the position of the hawk at the bottom of this photo.  Feet up.

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