Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Absolutely Beautiful Almost Fall Day

If you could order up a day weather wise, this would be it.  Beautiful weather and a bounty of birds.  It has been one of those which way do I look first days.  More Northern Parula joined in the already numerous birds checking out the memosa tree today.  I would guess this one is either a female of first year male.  There were about a half dozen Parula in the tree at one time.

Lots of butterflies out today and most are beginning to look a little ragged. Most have tears or missing parts of the wings.  They are so beautiful it is sort of sad to see them at the end of the season looking so ragged and washed out.

I have noticed today that of the migratory birds there seem to be more female birds.  The female Summer Tanager is still around and there were a couple of young ones flying about with her.  I never did see the male today.

 I am still in amazement at the numbers of White-eyed Vireos that are in the are right now.  In tree after tree they were sounding out.  More Redstarts have arrived.  I ocassionally see a male but more females of at least they are more in the open.

A pair of Common Yellowthroats were out hunting.  Usually they hunt so deep in the foliage but today they were cooperative.

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Kath said...

Hi Paula, those birds fascinate me, with their white eyes. We have Jackdaws here with grey eyes, who look a bit mean.
I always enjoy seeing the humming birds, as you know there re non here in England, apart from in zoos of course.