Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birding Paradise

An unplanned outing today down east for a bit of birding.  A little disappointed with the lack of warblers however I was probably a week or two early but I knew my upcoming schedule would not let me go then.

The other birds today however made up for the lack of warblers.  The trees were absolutely filled with Northern Parula.  Almost everywhere you looked, there they were.

One of the most amazing sights was a tree with somewhere between 8-10 Baltimore Orioles.  They were going nuts over some berries.  It was truely a sight to behold.

There were plenty of Redstarts hunting insects in the scrub.  This was truely a habitat suited for them.

Quite a few Red-eyed Vireos?  Although the eye doesn't look as red as some that I have seen, based on the size of the bird and geographical location that is my guess.  I can't recall however ever seeing one with as dark a crown as this one.

The usual suspects, Egrets and Great Blues were numerous.  It seemed a bit odd going this time of year as I usually go during the winter to see the migrating waterfowl.  The lake seemed quite with the exception of some Canada Geese and a few Osprey.  It was a great day however.  With the exception of a couple of people fishing up towards the front part of the refuge, I never saw another soul.  The joy of quiet and having the remainder of the refuge to yourself.

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