Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Birds

After a miserable rainy, gray day yesterday, the sun slowly came out this morning.  Feeling couped up from Saturday, I headed out as soon as it looked like the sun definitely was coming out.

Slowly but surely the numbers of hummingbirds are becoming less and less.  They were a little slow moving about this morning as temperatures had cooled off the the cold front Saturday that brought a rainy cool day.  This hummingbird was taking advantage of some late blooming trumpet flowers.

I am seeing more Common Yellowthroats now than I saw the entire summer.  Always nice to get a good shot however.

There are still some Grosbeaks around but all I am seeing are females and young birds.  The adult females are beginning to get a more golden look about them.  I guess the males have already moved on.


Katherine Edison said...

I found your blog on the Nature Blog Network and I enjoyed reading the latest posts. Your photos are wonderful! What kind of equipment do you use to get such clear shots of all these birds?

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Hi Katherine, Thanks for the complement and sorry for the delay in responding. I use a Canon 5D with a 100-400 lens. Generally it is adequate for what I do but ocassionlly, I do wish for a longer lens.