Friday, February 28, 2014

Can You Say Tired of Winter?

This seems to be like the winter that just won't end.  It was not too bad today but still cool.  Slowly but surely there are signs that hopefully winter is coming to an end.

The hawks were out flying there courtship dance today and seemed quite upset that a pair of owls were vocalizing to each other.   I kept trying to spot the owls but reached a point where I could go no farther in to the marshy area. I was really hoping to get a shot of one.

I only had a little over an hour to look around as I had a class later in the afternoon that I could not miss.  Sunday looks to be a promising weather day so hopefully some good action somewhere.

I sort of laughed at my desperation to see some color and flowers.  When I went by the local farm supply store to pick up a couple of bags of deer chow, I spotted this piece of equipment and thought how it reminded me of some type of strange mechanical flower or mushrooms.  I think a couple of passerby's thought I was a bit crazy out taking photos of this piece of equipment.  Maybe they were right but I liked the colors and the shapes.

As much as I like the color shot, I think it looks really cool in B&W.  A definite focus on form rather than color.



ME2NC said...

I love the colors on that piece of equipment against the blue sky. Great shot!

Paula said...

Thanks! A liked the primary color feel. Something a bit different.