Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Winter Weather

The past week has been busy with family issues so no time for photography.  My brother was seriously injured in a high fall and was hospitalized for four days.  The surgeon said he was lucky to be alive.  Recovery will be a long time coming.

My sister-in-law was moved to a hospice on Monday also so I have been trying to spend time with my nephew.With both of his parents in bad shape, he is having a hard go of it.  It is way more than a nine year old child should be having to deal with.

The last two days have been spent preparing for the winter storm.  Snow started a little after 11:00 and quickly has covered the ground.  I can deal with the snow but it is the high potential for freezing rain that worries me.  I just really hate the thought of losing power.  I spent the morning checking out the generator and hopefully making sure I am set if the power goes out.

My new lens (Tamron 150-600) came in late yesterday and I am anxious to give it a go.  I don't think a fair analysis of it can be made given the current weather conditions and gray sky.  I have always used Canon lenses so not sure how the 3rd party brand will stack up.


ME2NC said...

So sorry about your family problems, Paula. I wondered why you hadn't posted.

Photo's are great! Are they with the new lens? What's the bird? I think a female towhee by looking at my Merlin Bird app. I've never seen one around here though.

Stay safe in the storm. Looks bad up your way.

Paula said...

Thanks, it was definitely a hard week. Yeah, they were taken with the new lens however having to use an ISO of 1600 and 2000 to get even a shutter speed of 160 or 200, I don't think it is a fair indicator of what the lens is capable of. Looking forward to some sunshine to go out and give it a good go. I think I will like it though. Yes, It is a female Towhee. I have lots of them (male and female)here at the house. Can you say ready for spring?!!!!