Thursday, October 23, 2014

Down at the River

It was such a beautiful day my friend and I took a trip down to the river.  It is a fairly isolated area so I won't go by myself but an outing with a friend is more fun anyway.  We arrived a little later than anticipated so we are going to try again in the morning in hopes of catching some eagles.

The sky was Carolina blue with not a cloud in sight.  Just a wonderful day.  There were a pair of young osprey hanging around and one absolutely showed very little fear of us.  What a time to forget you long lens!  Hopefully tomorrow some really fantastic shots.  With them leaving soon, we want to try again.

The Great Blue Herons were competing with each other for prime fishing spots and squawking when one would intrude.


G L Buzzell said...

Pretty day and pretty setting for photography and/or bird watching.

Paula said...

It was a nice day though a bit chilly with the wind coming off the water. There is always something flying around near the dam. A good spot.