Sunday, October 12, 2014

Green Heron

It has been a busy week getting some of those fall projects around the house done while the weather was so nice.  I cleaned out the gutters, patched and resealed the top of the chimney and completed a raised bed to plant some Jerusalem Artichokes, aka Sunchokes.  I still have one flower bed to do over before cold weather hits.

Friday morning I took a bit of a break and met my friend at the park.  I was quite surprised when I saw a Green Heron fly in.

Ferns were bathing in a bit of sunlight filtering through the trees now that some leaves are beginning to fall.  It really made their green pop.

We did not stay too long as both of us had our photo entries to take to the fair.  I also took mine and my nephews gourds and his mobile.  Keeping my fingers crossed for him.  He wants a ribbon so badly.  Late yesterday afternoon I made my zucchini bread and will take that in today.  I had debated waiting until this morning but decided if I goofed yesterday, it would give me time this morning.


ME2NC said...

Wow! you have been a busy bee, Paula. Nice on seeing the heron. I love the fern photo. Good luck at the fair, both to your nephew and to you.

Coppertop said...

Whew! I'm pooped Paula just reading all you've been doing!

Hope you both win at the fair. Good luck.

I like how the sun pops the color of the ferns. Nice shot of the Heron as well.