Friday, October 31, 2014

When Hunting Goes Wrong

I went out for a walk yesterday morning and came upon this doe.  When I first saw her, I assumed she was just resting in a bit of sunshine warming from the night's coolness.  I took a few shots and continued walking.  After about an hour of exploring and looking around, I headed back having made a large circle where I came upon a blood trail.  I kept tracking the blood trail and immediately knew where it headed before I got there.

Indeed, the poor doe had been hit.  I simply could not stand the thought of the poor creature suffering for an extended period.  I went and found some folks to try and help to determine if the wound was serious enough that she needed to be put down.

I understand that hunting is necessary to help control the population but this was not a responsible hunter.  #1, they were hunting illegally on the land.  Since they did anyway, a responsible hunter should have tried to follow the blood trail and not let the poor creature lay there and suffer.  I am not a hunter but was able to pick up the trail and follow it so that just lets me know, someone thought it was just too much work to do so or was afraid of getting caught.  Who suffered.....the animal.


ME2NC said...

Do you think it was hit on your property or just wondered there after being shot? If the blood trail was easy enough for you to find, I would think that the person that shot it would have been able to find it. Folks like that give all hunters a bad name.

Paula said...

I suspect where the blood trail started was where it got hit. If so, there was no hunting allowed. I have no problem with responsible hunting though I myself would find it very hard to kill an animal. Too soft-hearted. I know that most hunters are fairly responsible but indeed, like all other parts or life, there are always a few bad apples.