Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mirror Mirror

It has been a very busy week on the personal side.  I played hostess to a luncheon for my Aunt's 90th birthday which was a worthy effort for such a notable birthday.  She is quite a character and I was glad everything turned out well and all the ladies enjoyed it.  If I am still around at 90.....which I probably won't be, I would hope for the same.

All the cooking and preparation left little time to do much else and what time I did have, did some of those outside jobs that needed doing before the cold weather arrives which regrettably, looks like towards the end of the coming week.

I did go out for a bit this morning just to look around a bit.  Lots of mallards are coming in now and I saw a few Grebe and Ruddy Ducks.

The resident Great Blue was doing lots of strutting and fluttering about.  It usually flies off as soon as you gt close but not today.  The overcast skies today really brought out the blue of the heron.


ME2NC said...

I think the heron is singing: "I'm so pretty - I'm so pretty - I'm really, really pretty." *grin*

I bet your aunt the the "girls" had a great time. Does she call her friends "girls"? My mom-in-law still drove when she turned 90 (not too long after that though) but she used to say that she had to take the "girls" for groceries. Always cracked us up.

Paula said...

Yes, she does call them the girls. They had a ball and a few even told some spicy jokes. Sort of neat that even in their golden years, they still tell a few sex jokes.