Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pre-Artic Air Day

I stopped by the park this morning though I did not have much time to stay.  I was anxious to see what had come in before the incoming wave of cold air.  It seems like when you have a back to back day of extreme temperature changes, birds are on the move.  With a beautiful day in the 70's today, it is hard to believe it will be so cool tomorrow.

There were probably a 100+ Ring-necked ducks that had come in.  Unfortunately without walking the path around the pond, I was shooting in to the light and no good shots of the masses.  There were a few here and there away from the large flocks.  Mostly just scoping out to see what else was there I saw a few Blue-winged Teal, some Buffleheads and a handful of Northern Shovelers.

Several large flocks of Grackles came through ravaging the trees for any insects, keeping such fuss and stirring up all the other birds.  Guess they are headed to a warmer climate.

Everywhere I have been this year there are tons of Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  Unlike the Golden-crowned that seems more skittish, these little birds show very little fear of humans.

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ME2NC said...

Looks like you saw more where you are than I did at Mattamuskeet. Birds seem to have abandoned my feeders at home. My favorite birding trail is closed for about five months while they do some work in the campground. Not sure why they couldn't leave the trails open but they have the park closed, even to foot traffic.