Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Tail

Not what you thought huh?  The weather over the last two days has not been conducive to going out and trying to get a shot of a turkey so this will have to do.

Trametes versicolor - commonly called turkey tail fungus.  The colors in the fungus resemble the colors found in a wild turkey's tail.  The fungus is commonly found on dead and decaying trees. Properties within the mushroom have been extensively studied for use in breast cancer treatment by helping to promote the immune system.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.


Coppertop said...

The turkey tail fungus was indeed a surprise. How pretty! I'd not seen or heard of such.
Happy Thanksgiving Day, Paula.

Paula said...

Hi Liz, Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family. It is a fairly common fungus around here. The colors can vary greatly and some are really quite striking. It is one of the interesting fungi to me.