Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birding Outing

The trip to the river Monday yielded lots of bird sightings.  I really enjoyed the trip and getting out to see what was around.  Lots of young birds that were born this year were feeling their oats and very active.

A few of the sightings:

female Orchard Oriole
Indigo Bunting

male Orchard Oriole

female American Redstart

Yellow-throated Warbler

immature Northern Parula


Coppertop said...

Oh wow, what a nice variety of birds!

G L Buzzell said...

Great shots, Paula. You saw quite a variety.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. It was a nice surprise at this time of year.

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys. This part of the river is a gold mine for birds.