Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bullfrog and the Bird

I was out early cleaning up camping equipment from the weekend when I noticed the Bullfrog sitting by the fountain.  I could see something in its mouth and at first assumed it was probably a dragon fly.

I thought to myself that it must be one heck of a dragon fly in size and started looking closer.  Of course I went inside to get the camera.  Sorry the photos are a little blurred but it was still pretty shaded in that area.  Was I surprised!

I could not believe the frog had gotten a bird but sure enough, feathers were sticking out.  When I first started trying to photograph it the feathers were sticking out more but the photos were too blurry.  I finally came in to get the flash to try for a better shot.

The frog was fat with whatever bird it had caught.  I had never really minded the frog being in the fountain but I may have to give consideration to trying to catch it.  It has been in the fountain for several years and this is the first time I have ever seen it with a bird.


Coppertop said...

I would never have guessed a frog would go for a bird. Interesting.

G L Buzzell said...

I never knew that frogs ate birds. Lucky you to get the photo. Where did you go camping? Must have been really HOT!!

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Hi Liz, I never would have thought so either. Did a search out of curiosity and sure enough, baby birds were included in what they would eat.

Paula said...

Hey Gladys, It makes me wonder though exactly how the frog caught the bird. I took my nephew camping down to Carolina Beach (Fort Fisher). His first camping trip so we went somewhere that was a little more urbanized. I wanted to take him down around Mattamuskeet but I think he was nervous about the bears. We went Friday night then went crabbing Saturday morning. Wasn't too bad heat wise. I have a fan that operates on batteries and it kept us pretty cool at night. Not sure what was better money spent....the air mattress or fan! Really roughing it huh? We did however sleep in a tent and cook our meals on the Coleman stove....sort of easy camping.