Friday, July 10, 2015

Doe and Fawn

This afternoon I looked out the window and saw the doe and fawn across the street.  That neighbor also puts some corn out for the deer.

The fawn pretended to eat some while the doe was focused on eating.

Eventually the fawn became bolder and bolder and took off running across the yard.  It would run out about 40 feet or so then turn around and run back to its mom.  It would jump, twist and kick up its heels.  It was so cute I just had to let out a little giggle.

Testing boundaries, the fawn began to wander in the street  (at the end of a dead end street so no worries on getting hit).....

eventually making it over to my yard.

Mom soon realized that her fawn had wandered off past her comfort point and came running.  She gave the little fawn a nip and they moved off into the woods.


Coppertop said...

Nice photos Paula. I love watching the fawns, run, jump and kick, they have so much energy! They do make you giggle don't they!?!

G L Buzzell said...

Love these babies. They are so much fun to watch. You got to watch deer and I got to watch the new foal at Shackleford.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. They are indeed a delight to watch running and playing. The joys of youth!

Paula said...

I do too Gladys. Getting ready to switch over and look at your blog. I didn't even cut the computer on yesterday.