Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Ground Hog Is Still Hanging Out

The ground hog is still here and as taken up residence under the deck.  It use to live in a burrow at the end of the property outside of the fenced back yard but I think the appearance of coyotes is what drove it to the protection of the fenced back yard.

It does not bother anything and I enjoy seeing it so as far as I am concerned it can stay.  I am a little bit worried about it with the extreme cold headed this way as under the deck has gravel so I don't think it can burrow much.  This afternoon I did take some plastic and staple around the lower edge of the deck to help block any wind.

Yesterday between rain showers, it would come up on the deck to look around.  This is one shot through the kitchen window right before the hawk flew in and spooked it.  I also took a little bit of video so I hope you enjoy.

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