Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disappearing Fountain Update

Over the last couple of days I have made fairly good progress on some of my projects. Today I did not do too much as I think I overworked some back muscles. My body revolted when I tried to do much of anything today.
I did manage to finish all of the deck chairs. Boy are they blue! I even managed to find some blue spray paint very close to the color so I sprayed the large umbrella holder also. There will definitely be a splash of color even in the drab of winter.

Progress on the fountain is sort of slow but I am improvising as I go. All of the good size kits ranged from $250 - $300.00 +. Absolutely crazy. I had a large piece of high quality liner and have several pumps and filters so I figured I could make it work.

When I first began, I just dug a hole to the desired size and layed in the liner. However, the soil was very loose and the sides kept sliding in. I felt it needed to be a little more stable. So I popped up to the Depot and found some treated lumber where they had culled smaller pieces from some larger lumber that had warped or split. My big lumber purchase was $16.00.

I cut to desired size and made a frame. Lined the bottom with an old piece of carpet and layed in the liner. The big rock with a hole in the center will fit on the four small bricks. I am filling around with field stone and once I get it close to the top, I will cover with the pretty river rock.

I will keep one side under the rock open for easy access to the pump if needed. I have a couple of nice large flat rocks that I will use to cover so if I need to get quick access I will not have a lot of rocks to move. Hopefully I can line up a couple of folks to help me move the big rock so I can finish up and get to the fun part of arranging the plants. I still have to put down the weed block before I can do that.

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