Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Update

I went to work today but left a little over an hour after being there. I did not feel well most of last night and had very little sleep. I came home and hit the bed for a couple of hours. I did not imagine any work would get done today but late this afternoon to my surprise a couple of friends stopped by to help move some large rocks I wanted moved.

They agreed to stay for a burger so off to the store I went. I consider that very cheap labor. I will have to have them over one night for a steak dinner.

The progress that was made surprised me. I can begin to see what I envisioned when I first started. It will still take a little time to get that grown in look but it is a start.

I had a hard shell pre-formed pool from long ago but it was still in excellent condition. I wanted to use this as an area for bog type plants. They set the pool and piled some rocks up around it. The big thing they helped me with was moving the large rocks to visually connect the fountain and the bog area. Love the umbrella palm.
This picture is of the large rocks they moved for me. I think that it helps connect the two so it doesn't look like one area sitting off by itself.
They planted some of the plants that I had which helped. Not a big contribution but I did manage to cut and and lay out the weed block so some mulch could be spread. Still need more mulch and another roll of weed block.

The next big thing will be to get new landscape timbers and get those in place. I also need to get some new lattice for the base of the deck. The wood lattice that was there had long seen its better day so I believe I am going to try the plastic or PVC whatever it is.

The frogs have already found the new location and seem to like sitting on the rocks. Late this afternoon as we were sitting and eating, a bird came up and had a good time bathing in the rock. Glad they all seem to like the new environment.

Tonight is going to be an early to bed night. Hopefully with a good nights sleep I will feel better.

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