Monday, November 21, 2011

Bath Time

The unseasonably warm weather has continued and nature seems a bit confused.  I went out for a bit this morning but not much out.  Six Buffleheads have now arrived at the pond in additional to around a dozen mallards, one pair of Grebe and one pair of Wood Ducks.  Otherwise, very slow.

I took advantage of the warm weather today to redo two beds of iris. They did not bloom well last year so hopefully a fresh infusion of soil, dividing and giving some room will have positve results when spring arrives. 

The birds at home took advantage of the warm weather and indulged in quite a bit of bathing today.  I had come inside to fix a glass of water and the birds flocked to the fountain.  I grabbed the camera and took a shot through the window so it is not the best as the window has a slight tint.  For about 10 minutes, it was a constant rotation of birds enjoying the bath.

My plans to go to Lake Mattamuskeet have kept being postponed for various reasons.  My thoughts this morning were to go tomorrow but weather now looks to be an issue so I am aiming for later in the week or possibly the weekend.  As that area has also been having unseasonably warm weather, I am curious on whether the seasonal influx of Tundra Swan and Snow Geese has been delayed.  


Woodduck said...

The mosquitos are out in force.

Paula said...

Ticks too. The crickets and frogs were singing so loudly it has just woken me up. Normally, at this time of the morning, I would be dead asleep. Have a great turkey day.

Woodduck said...

Sorry... I meant to add, at Lake Mattamuskeet, to my post. A friend was there this week.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We're having capon!